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Business management homework help


• MT1: Brand Strategy Discussion Topic 1: Consider the brands of a company that has a large brand portfolio and identify specific brands that function in three of the four roles that brands may play within that portfolio: high-end prestige brands, low-end entry level brands, cash cows and flankers. Do you believe the firm has done of good job of effectively creating brands to fit these roles? Explain. • MT2: Product Characteristics Discussion Topic 2: Describe the product characteristics (i.e., core benefit, basic product, expected product, and augmented product) of two offerings from the list below Choose one Goods-type offering and one Service-type offering. Please make your choice from offerings that have not yet been addressed by other students (post a placeholder to reserve two offerings while you work on your response): GOODS SERVICES • Starbuck’s coffee • Apple laptop • Tide detergent • Nike sneakers • Maytag washer • Nintendo Wii • Microsoft Windows • Rolex watch • Boeing aircraft • Pampers disposable diapers • New York Times newspaper • Southwest Airlines • Marriott hotels • Hertz Rent-a-car • Merry Maids • Plane Fitness work-out gyms • Monster.com job-finding service • UMUC Graduate School • Bank of America Investment services • New York Yankees • Toyota Automobile Service Centers • Hair Cuttery For each of the two offerings, describe how one or more aspects of their marketing strategy are based on its product characteristics. • MT4: Product Packaging Discussion Topic 3: One element of the tangible product is packaging. Packaging serves a number of functions beyond the mere protection of the product. In fact, with some brands, the package may play a central role in the growth of the brand. Discuss two products, one in which the package plays a significant role and one in which it play a minor role. Discuss the potential role of packaging in innovation. • Personal Application Discussion Topic 4: Experts have defined a brand as “a set of differentiating promises that link a product to its customers.” Applying this framework to your organization, • What are your organization’s differentiating factors that set it apart from its competitors or other organizations? • How does your organization communicate these factors to customers, employees and other stakeholders? • If you were the CEO of your organization, how would you change these communications to make them more effective?


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