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Business management homework help


Part 1 Sales Leadership Philosophy Begin by reviewing your Unit 2 assignment, your personal sales philosophy. Analyze your approach to sales and the role of the sales professional. Through personal observations, experience, readings, and coursework, critique the theory and practice of sales leadership. Describe your personal sales leadership philosophy. How does this complement your selling philosophy? What makes you chose this leadership philosophy? How does this philosophy prepare you for middle- or senior-level sales management positions? Describe the typical relationship between a salesperson and their manager given this philosophy. You may want to examine communication, motivation, training, and other elements. Describe methods used to strengthen the long-term relationship given this philosophy. Part 2 – Sales Leadership Style Factors in a Global Environment Once you have a good grasp on your sales philosophy and process, it is time to explore factors that complement a successful sales leadership style for a global environment. What are such factors? How are these different given a more global selling environment? Describe what technical expertise and skills you believe are needed. Explain your rationale for each skill. Describe what communication style you believe works best in a global sales management environment. Explain your rationale. Describe what leadership expertise and skills you believe are needed. Explain your rationale for each skill. Part 3 – Fit Assessment Put yourself in the role of a sales manager. Based on your work above, examine your fit against the criteria you have identified. How would you assess your fit or appropriateness for a sales leadership position? What leadership characteristics do you currently possess that would complement a successful selling style? What skills would you need in order to be an effective middle- or senior-level sales manager? What additional training or assistance would you need?


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