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Business management homework help


What are the segments in the general environment that relate to IKEA’s situation? Be specific? Provide examples and details. Analyze IKEA’s intended international corporate-level strategy in India. How was it strategized and what led to this country of interest? Describe how, if in any way, India is different from other countries? In your opinion, what would be a close second country? What is IKEA’s choice of international entry mode? Provide research and examples. What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other international entry modes? Identify IKEA’s current challenges in India. Based on your analysis, what additional recommendations would you make to help IKEA achieve its goals? Discuss the uncertainties and risks of doing business in different regions throughout the world. Discuss whether IKEA would be wise to pursue a cooperative strategy. Also identify the type of cooperative strategy that would be best, explained why would it be best, and suggested with whom IKEA should pursue this strategy? If a cooperative strategy was not a good idea for IKEA, explained why not. IKEA’s product demand is difficult to manage. Recently overseas competition has refocused their product lines from the low end of the market to the more median price range. As they did this, they also broadened their product lines. How should IKEA manage their products? Should IKEA have a product line to meet the needs of the entire market or should they focus on one area of the market? If they follow a market focus strategy, what should their new target market be?


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