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Business management homework help


1.Research three companies you might like to work for. Use the internet, library, trade journals, Chamber of Commerce, or other sources to locate this information. In a narrative format provide the following information: name of company, what the company does, locations, website address (if there is one), phone number, type of position you are interested in within the company, how to apply, positive aspects on company, negative aspects on company, and three things you learned about the company or organization. These might include size, mission, mission statement, growth projection, etc. 2.Choose one of the three companies researched and develop a resume for the position identified in the case summary. 3. The resume developed in the case analysis has made it through the first cut. An interview has been scheduled for the position identified in the case analysis. In a narrative format describe how to incorporate the seven steps to a stellar interview as it applies to your interview.


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