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Business management homework help


. Using MS Project Include all resources with the different types of labor and tasks that you believe important for this project as well as the cost per hour in US $. Include at least 5 different types of labor or services needed. Include 10 to 12 tasks that take between 5 and 20 days each. Include labor/service needed by that task. There might be a number of tasks listed multiple times – tasks that use more than one type of labor or service – example different contractors or outsource. For each row, identify the Units (multiples of 100%) needed by that task. For example, if you need 3 accountants, then it would show 300%. Add a separate brief document that provides a description, the purpose, value (benefits), who it will influence, and how much you guess it will cost (labor and materials). Under a separate major heading, write why this project might be important for your organization that is providing all of the outsource services to the client – what are the implications of success, delays, and total failure?


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