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Business management homework help


PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT: MGMT 1100 CHAPTER 4,ETHICS AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY TEST 4-MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Alia, a graphic artist at an advertising firm, realizes that the head designer, Ryan, has been copying designs from the Internet and passing them off as his own. Alia informs the marketing head about this, which leads to Ryan getting fired. However, after this event, Alia is ostracized by her co-workers. This indicates that the organization has a poor: a) span of control. b) ethical climate. c) distribution policy. d) administrative framework. e) strategic objective. 2. Nicki usually makes decisions on the basis of what her friends would expect her to do. Which ethical system do Nicki’s actions reflect the most? a) Humanitarianism b) Relativism c) Universalism d) Egoism e) Utilitarianism Scenario A Use the information given below to answer the following three questions: A paint manufacturer, Blink Corp., faces an ethical question. There has been a problem with the ingredients used in the last batch of paint that has been dispatched. They suspect that a toxic chemical could have been used in the production of the non-toxic product line recommended for play schools and hospitals. The production head along with the marketing head and quality supervisor need to decide quickly on whether they should report the error and pull back the products before they reach the market. Nate, the production head, wants to report the error to the senior management because he is worried about his job should the information about a cover-up be leaked. Lila wants to report the error because it is the right thing to do, and the health of customers and children are at stake. After hearing the opinion of his colleagues, Keith says he wants to report the error as well because he prefers to agree with the consensus. 3. Which ethical system does Nate use in his decision making? a) Relativism b) Utilitarianism c) Egoism d) Conventionalism e) Universalism 4. Which ethical system does Lila use to make her decision? a) Universalism b) Conventionalism c) Utilitarianism d) Relativism e) Egoism 5. Which ethical system does Keith use to guide him in his decision making? a) Utilitarianism b) Universalism c) Egoism d) Conventionalism e) Relativism 6. Haseen, an employee in a company, is facing a situation in which she has to choose between going along with her colleagues and filling out inaccurate feedback against a new employee or informing her manager about the malpractice. In this context, Haseen is faced with a(n): a) corporate social responsibility. b) human rights violation. c) diversity issue. d) ethical issue. e) moral rights issue. 7. Jade, a scientist working in the research department of Corals Cosmetics, is asked to not report the ill-effects of using a new product that Corals has decided to launch. Jade’s boss offers a hike and a permanent job in exchange for skipping a few details in the report. Jade refuses to do this and asks him to withhold the product from entering the market. According to Kohlberg’s model of cognitive moral development, Jade resides in the _____ stage. a) principled b) preconventional c) universal d) postconventional e) conventional   8. Chang prefers gymnastics to music. However, he agrees to attend music lessons because his parents want him to become a musician. According to Kohlberg’s model of cognitive moral development, Chang resides in the _____ stage. a) universal b) utilitarian c) conventional d) preconventional e) principled Scenario B Use the information given below to answer the following three questions: A sales manager, Jordon, is facing an ethical situation wherein his bicycle company that specializes in mountain bikes sold a bicycle with a defective component. If he informs the customer and issues a recall, it would cost him a substantial amount of money. If the bike malfunctions, it could caus


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