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Business management homework help


Please read the information and give me a brief respond: The most important concepts for me begin with the differences in certain Philosophies, and understanding that just as their are differences in each individual there is diversity in their methods and strategies when doing business. To accept the different choices also gives you an idea of which type of people and organization you will work well with and those you decide not to work with. When making decisions that involve my community and family I need you to have similar values and good moral standings that encourage you to put others first. To be aware of the harm you may cause if not considerate of everyone. I will not work with those that have a different agenda orthat cannot leave their self interest behind. Social responsibility will come into play with every decision that I make. We are not alone in this world and to respect the people the laws and environment is a substantial commitment. I would expect everyone to live with morals and decent values in whatever capacity of employment that you are involved in and everywhere you travel.I would also hope that this generation will be more accepting of individuals with disabilities and challenges that they are not familiar with. Environmental awareness will be my strong point in establishing a service that supports the air, land and water, We need to preserve our elements for our future generations to come. In whatever feild you choose to be employed in there will always be some method of preservation, because it begins at home. The most difficult ethical issues of the future in my opinion will be preservation of privacy and identy saving. With so many methods of communication and gadgets in technology , there will always be individuals trying to hack into a data system , if no more than to prove that it can bedone. Most gadgets require passwords and personal information just to sign on to them. Stealing private information and details will continue to get more difficult to contain.


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