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Business management homework help


BUAD 3000 Career Development II Discovery ProjectPart 3: Merging the Brands Sections 1 and 2: Company Focusand Merging the Brands 67 Points total–57points for substance of responses; 10 for typos and grammar Due by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, September 18, 2016in the Blackboard Assignment Drop Box Late Assignments Are Not Accepted Introduction for Part 3Drawing from your Company Focus section in Part 3, your understanding of your marketable skills, and additional research you have gathered about your company, you are prepared to merge your personal brand with your company’s brand. The true mark of an adaptable candidate is one who is able to recognize how to brand him/herself for every company pursued. You must be able to convince an employer that you can easily transition into its culture because your priorities are similar to its priorities. Submission Directions Complete sections 1 and 2 in their entirety prior to submitting a Microsoft Word document in the Blackboard Assignment Drop Box by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, September 18, 2016. Similar to Part 2, you will repeat some submission information to validate the importance of returning to your research as you build your brand. Upon submitting in Blackboard, take and save a screen shot of the successful submission message to verify the assignment was submitted. Section 1 Company/Organization FocusThis is the information that “draws” you to the organization. Try to capture any of the following points from the company’s website: vision, philosophy, set of core values/priorities, or mission. You will incorporate this information into your cover letter, application, and interview responses—in essence, your “brand.” Note: some organizations are intentional (specifically labeling “vision,” “values,” etc.) when placing this information on their websites. If you are having difficulty locating it, ask for help! 1. Type the company name _______________________________________ 2 points 2. Write in, describe or copy and paste the vision, philosophy, core values, etc.., in the text box below. 5 points (0-2=Needs Improvement, 3-4=Acceptable, 5=Excellent) 3. Type in the text box why you believe this organization would be a good “fit” for you. Why do you want to work for it? This should be a unique explanation that only you can deliver. 10 points (0-4=Needs Improvement, 5-8=Acceptable, 9-10=Excellent) Section 2 Merging the Brands 40 points The true test in this process of “discovery” is your ability to recognize how the organization’s brand is synergic with yours. How do they complement one another? If you can conceptualize how your brand blends with this organization, you will be able to wage a branding campaign forany employer. Complete the Brand Merging Table below. Apply great effort to merging your and your organization’s brands by composing statements that mimic interview responses. The reader should be able to review your table and appreciate thatyou have made intentional, convincing connections between the two brands presented. If the reader does not observe a “connection” or similar phrases in the YOUR BRAND column as in the COMPANY BRAND column, the response is not on target. Each response will be rated on a scale of 0 to 5 (0-2=Needs Improvement, 3-4=Acceptable, 5=Excellent) for a total of 40 points. This is, without a doubt, the most difficult part of the assignment. Take it seriously!Refer to the sample on pages 4 to 5 for guidance on how to complete this Brand Merging Table. 1. Who does the company serve? Who are this company’s customers? Be specific. 1. In an interview, what would you say to convince an employer that you would be able to serve their customers? Be specific. 1. Response 1. Response 2. What’s a current event, new release, or something new with the company or the industry it represen


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