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Business management homework help


Answer:Working for an organization that does not align with your personal values can cause an ethical dilemma, resulting in emotional stress. Ethical studies have generally focused on how individuals make good decisions and the three approaches that are most commonly considered are rules, consequences and character (McMahone, 2012). If I had to work for a company that did not align with my values, I would not compromise my beliefs, but I would make decisions based on established rules and expectations. Even with business ethics, the assumption is that an individual is attempting to make a decision without any consideration of the corporate environment, but yet making the decision based on what’s best for the majority (McMahone, 2012). However, this idea is not always what is presented in work settings. In fact, I have witnessed leaders making decisions based on favoritism or personal gain. Also, it is important for companies to adopt servant leadership as the method to their leaders. Even in working for a company that does not align with my beliefs, I will still focus on serving others and practicing servant leadership qualities. The strength of servant leadership as an ethical approach is that while it can be a personal approach to leadership, it can also be a system that is taught to an entire organization. Besides, one of the principles of servant leadership is that a servant leader’s first concern is with the growth of others, not with self (McMahone, 2012). Therefore, growth of those served should result in the development of future servant leaders, resulting in a shift in the organizational culture. The deal breaker for me would be if a company was knowingly making the wrong decision which causes harm. The basis of my character and as a nurse that took an oath, I hold myself accountable for helping others and doing the right thing or doing what’s best, without doing harm. Original Question: Suppose you go to work for an organization that you discover does not align with your personal values. You are in a leadership role and you are not in a position to leave the job. How do you ethically represent the company without compromising your own beliefs? What is the deal breaker for you? How does ethically representing the company demonstrate your ability to be a servant leader?


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