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Business management homework help


The purpose of this assignment is to help you to understand the project management task of cost control and scheduling techniques. You will review several variables that can cause project delays and cost overruns, and using the information you’ve learned, you will suggest how to mitigate the issues listed. The assignment asks you to resolve the problem which infers that the problem is existing. Do not write about avoiding the problem in the first place, but rather write what specific actions you would take now that a certain problem exists: how you would resolve the issues. For example, to review and resolve poorly defined milestones – Use a schedule variance calculation. If the schedule variance shows a project delay, the PM must then determine whether additional funding will be necessary. In this exercise, do not state that you would refer the problem to the project team, or if missing an item that you would create one. Go beyond that. This exercise is for you to examine what else you might have at your disposal to substitute for the missing thing. Include additional project management sources as well. Academic sources are always best. Below are several variables that can cause project delays and cost overruns. Using Chapter 15 in your text and content from the lectures, explain how these problems can be resolved. Poorly defined milestones Poor estimating techniques A missing PERT/CPM chart Functional managers not having a clear understanding of what has to be done Poor programming procedures and techniques Changes constantly being made deep in the project’s life cycle


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