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Business management homework help


Organizational Theory and Behavior -150 WORDS EACH 1. Discuss the differences between an attitude and a behavior. Provide 4 substantive reasons why it is important for organizations to monitor and mitigate employee behavior that is either beneficial or detrimental to the organization’s goals and existence. 2. Read Case Study 3.2 on pp. 91-92 of your textbook. What was Catherine’s reaction after joining Fenway Waste Management, and why was her level of social identification different from that of LJI? Discuss the social identity issues present in this case with classmates. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT —150 WORDS EACH 1. What experience have you had with human resource professionals? Has it been generally positive or negative? Why? 2. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s stated mission is to stop and remedy unlawful employment discrimination. With a 2015 federal budget of over $365 million dollars, they will process over 88,000 cases against private and public sector firms. Since 2008, they have asked to significantly increase their budget to pursue more cases. If you were the U.S. President, would you agree with them? Why, or why not?


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