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Business Management help Please see attached. Original and quality work. Cite sources using apa format. Cross Training Staff The practice of cross training staff (learning another type of job) is an old and often successful practice at hospitals. Using the Scholarly Library or the Internet, research cross training techniques. Based on your research and training, respond to the following: • What steps would you take in deciding whether or not to cross train lab technicians as x-ray technicians? • What are the negative and positive financial considerations in making this decision? • What steps will you take to deal with a weekend staffing crisis whereby your small hospital has no x-ray technicians in-house, yet the demand for their services is very high including 30 percent of the need emanating from critical care units? Notes from class Growing a Business X-Ray Temps is a professional search firm providing radiology professionals to the medical imaging community. The mission of X-Ray Temps is to provide outstanding medical imaging professionals who will deliver excellent diagnostic studies. Ms. Marshall, a radiology technician, founded the firm in July 2000. Prior to founding X-Ray Temps, Marshall worked in a number of hospitals and imaging centers in addition to teaching. In the course of working as a radiology technologist, Marshall recognized the need for high quality temporary staffing and recruiting services which could fill temporary and permanent radiology positions. Using her personal network of contacts with imaging professionals and imaging centers, she began to offer staffing services under the name of X-Ray Temps. At this time, Marshall is interested in growing her business. She believes she can make more money if she brings in more business and clients. However, she has a few problems that need to be resolved in order to increase the size of her business. Think About It This case is about basic business management, and yet it is a very complex case. Operating a small entrepreneurial business takes a strong sense of purpose, total focus, optimism and belief in one’s self. On average 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first year, usually due to undercapitalization. X-Ray Temps has been operating successfully for three years but has suddenly taken a downward turn. Over the past year X-Ray Temps has experienced a 30 percent decline in placements. Consider what you would do to in the case of X-Ray Temps. What ideas do you have for how to grow the business? Make it more profitable? Increase the client base? Spread overhead over more clients? Pay attention to the size of the business, the customer base, and the age of the business, the tax implications, and the number of employees.


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