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Business Management



Business Management For this final assessment, you are to assume the role of consultant in addressing the following topics (listed below). For each, you are to use your own words, in explaining what an entrepreneur should know and/or consider in launching/running a small business opportunity. Assume you have been brought in as a consultant based on your expertise and convey your understanding of each topic in your response. You must use your own words in responding to each topic. Rather, demonstrate that you have grasped that material and can apply it to practical scenarios and discussions. There is no specific length requirement for each response. However, you must provide sufficient content to fully address each area. Please begin each topic as a new page in your response, clearly segmenting each topic by heading (for example: TOPIC 5: EXIT STRATEGIES). When in doubt, please consider each topic in light of the question: “What do I need to know about ________ in order to make sound business decisions?” For example, “What should I understand about developing new opportunities in order to create a competitive advantage? 1. Developing new entry opportunities (basis for creating a competitive advantage) 2. First-mover strategy and imitation strategies (forms, advantage) 3. Growth strategies using existing competitive advantages 4. External mechanisms to support growth 5. Exit strategies 6. Financial planning and use of pro forma financial statements 7. Stages in business development financing and financing sources G intense company Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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