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Business-level strategies detail commitments


Business-level strategies detail commitments 1. Business-level strategies detail commitments and actions taken to provide value to customers and gain competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in a. the selection of industries in which the firm will compete. b. specific product markets. c. primary value chain activities. d. particular geographic locations. 2. A firm’s core strategy is its ____ strategy. a. corporate b. business c. pricing d. international 3. When selecting a business level strategy, the firm must determine all of the following EXCEPT a. How will the customer’s needs be satisfied? b. Who is the customer? c. What are the customers’ needs? d. Why should these customers’ needs be satisfied? 4. Which of the following is TRUE? a. As customer loyalty increases, customers are more sensitive to price increases. b. Customer loyalty has a positive relationship with firm profitability. c. Customer loyalty is fragile and cannot reliably be considered a factor in firm success. d. Customer loyalty is of importance only to firms using a differentiation strategy. 5. Although both companies have Internet access to potential customers, the most striking difference between Barnes and Noble’s access to customers and Amazon.com’s access to customers is the difference in the ____ dimension of relationships with customers. a. responsiveness b. richness c. affiliation d. reach Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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