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Business-level strategies are concerned specifically with


Business-level strategies are concerned specifically with 1. Because of their sensitivity to hype, and their insistence that products deliver as promised, ____ would be less likely to develop product loyalties that would protect a differentiating firm from potential entrants. a. members of the Swing generation b. Baby Boomers c. members of the Lost Generation d. Generation Xers 2. An interior decorator has moved his business from Los Angeles to St. Paul, Minnesota, because his spouse’s company transferred her to St. Paul. The decorator is distressed because the customers in his target market have, in his words, “banal and bourgeois taste.” What is the decorator’s problem? a. The decorator does not understand that customer needs are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. b. The decorator has no core competencies that will transfer to his new geographic market. c. The decorator should choose a strategy of cost-leadership in this environment. d. The decorator is highly affiliated with the new target market and understands how he can create value for it. 3. In order to meet and exceed customer’s expectations, firms must a. constantly manipulate customers’ perceptions of their needs. b. answer the questions: who, what, when, where, how, and why as they apply to customers. c. continuously improve, innovate, and upgrade their core competencies. d. successfully defend their established core competencies from imitation by competitors. 4. Business-level strategies are concerned specifically with a. creating differences between the firm’s position and its rivals. b. selecting the industries in which the firm will compete. c. how functional areas will be organized within the firm. d. how a business with multiple physical locations will operate one of those locations. 5. An entrepreneur is investigating starting a company that provides tax advice to small companies. In order to position his company differently from the existing competitors, the entrepreneur must a. analyze the reach, richness, and affiliation the company must have with its customers. b. provide tax advice either in a different manner or provide a different kind of tax service than competitors. c. offer tax advice at a price lower than the cheapest competitor. d. offer tax advice at a higher quality than the best competitor. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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