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Business Leader Research


Business Leader Research Paper – Ross Perot research should include a profile of the leader’s views on leadership, their development to become a leader, their leadership and motivational traits, and what the leader has done to gain a strong reputation. Cite specific examples of behaviors exhibited by this leader using concepts from the course. Headings: Introduction: Introduce their background, their occupation, and their position. Describe their development to become a leader. Organizational Structure: Describe the organizational structure and where their position is in the organization. Use terms and language from your textbook. Leadership Style: Describe their leadership style, traits, and motivational style. What makes them effective? Why do people follow and respect them? How and what do they measure to ensure their team, staff or organization is meeting objectives and on-target. Use terms and language from your textbook. Summary: Summarize the leadership qualities and observations you have made from the experience. Typed 3-5 pages Double spaced 1” top, side, and bottom margins Cite resources using APA format


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