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Business and Technical Writing


REQUIRED RETAKE INSTRUCTIONS ENG121: Business and Technical Writing Name: Number: 21807208 Exam: 050024 Grade: 60.5% Date: July 9, 2016 Evaluator: S.P. Dear Student, The grade you earned on this assignment was below passing. However, you now have another chance to earn a passing grade for this exam. Whatever score you earn on the retake will be posted as the final score for this exam (up to the highest possible retake grade of 70%). 1. Within the next four weeks, prepare a completely revised assignment. You may not just make a clean copy of your work correcting only grammar and spelling errors. Instead, address the issues indicated by the evaluator, as well as apply the revision and editing strategies taught in your study materials, including • adding specific details which you make up in order to clarify and support your statements • deleting unnecessary information • reorganizing for logical flow 2. Review the study materials for this exam, especially samples in the unit that show the correct format, as well as the information given in the exam instructions. Contact the school with any questions about the requirements. 3. Review your graded exam, including the comments and the corrections. In particular, take note of those areas on the evaluation sheet where you scored Fair or lower. These indicate areas on which to improve. 4. Be sure to enclose or attach this sheet when you submit your retake assignment, so we can properly credit your record. For online submission, copy just this form and paste as the first page of your retake exam. If you do not include this form, up to ten points may be deducted from your exam grade. The Problem of High Turnover Rate Jay Wallace July 7, 2016  Header is misisng. THE PROBLEM OF HIGH TURNOVER RATE Addresses? Dear ? Introduction I am the vice president Phoenix Advertising whose main headquarters is at Charlotte, North Carolina and the organization has been faced by a number of challenges that have threatened its profitability. One of the problems is the high turnover rate characterized by very important employees quitting and joining the competitor organizations. Just the other month two of the top management people an art director and an account executive left the organization and they each left for a position with a competing agency. This problem can be solved by motivating workers and adding them more incentives in most cases. Background When top managers leave an organization there usually is a huge problem especially if they are joining some competitor firms. Sometimes these top managers leave, go work for competitors and since they know so much about the organization they inform the competitors and this may make them have a competitive edge and the organization ends up receiving a ‘double whammy’. Losing the workers and having their secrets known. The key to maintaining employees is by motivating them and making them love the organization as much as they love the job. Hiring the right people is the best way to solve the problem. In order to solve this problem also motivationshould be at the center of employees’ operations. Motivation can be in different forms, taking account of promotion, increased salaries, bonuses, prices, gifts and even vacations among others. Motivating employees shows that the organization appreciates their efforts and encourages to work even harder. The next step is making the employees feel part of the organization by encouraging them to invest in the organization (Guthrie, 2001). Phases of the Proposal? Proposal Heading 1: Heading 2: Heading3: Hiring the right people who are ready for the job and are loyal should be the first step and the role of the organization. As mentioned earlier the second step is to motivate employees so that they feel their work is appreciated. The third step is making them part of the organization by encouraging t


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