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BUS308 Week 1 Quiz


1. Data outliers result in skewed data distributions. (Points : 1) True False Question 2. 2. A probability is found by dividing the number of possible outcomes (o) by the number of successes € = o/e. (Points : 1) True False Question 3. 3. The standard deviation of normally distributed data sets is equal to about 1/6 of the data set’s range. (Points : 1) True False Question 4. 4. In a frequency distribution such as a bell-shaped curve, what does the vertical height of the curve indicate? (Points : 1) The different score values The frequency of score occurrence The probability of score occurrence The normality of the distribution Question 5. 5. Inferential statistics infer the characteristics of samples. (Points : 1) True False Question 6. 6. Which measure of central tendency includes data from every score? (Points : 1) The mean The standard deviation The mode The median Question 7. 7. The mean of the standard normal distribution is 1.0. (Points : 1) True False Question 8. 8. The probability of two independent events occurring together equals the product of each of the individual event probabilities. (Points : 1) True False Question 9. 9. Which statement explains what inferential statistical analysis is? (Points : 1) The process of describing the sample. Understanding the population through the sample. The accumulation of population characteristics. Comparing dissimilar samples. Question 10. 10. If the ratio of difference compared to data variability is large in a z score, which is true? (Points : 1) The data are probably not normal The z score will be comparatively large The data reflect a great deal of variability The z score will be comparatively small


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