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BUS 520 WEEK 11 FINAL EXAM 2 • Question 1 Leadership studies conducted at Ohio State University derived which two basic forms of leader behavior? • Question 2 According to the path-goal leadership theory, a manager is showing a participative leadership style when he/she __________. • Question 3 Leadership studies at the University of Michigan developed which two basic forms of leader behavior? • Question 4 The role of __________ is to promote adaptive or useful change. • Question 5 The __________ assumes that leadership is central to performance and other outcomes. • Question 6 “Know thyself” is the essential argument of __________ leadership. • Question 7 The leadership context of __________ refers to a dramatic departure from prior practice and sudden threats to high-priority goals with little or no response time. • Question 8 Another name for incremental change is __________. • Question 9 Most planned changes may be regarded as efforts intended to deal with __________ gaps in ways that benefit an organization and its members. • Question 10 Which of the following, refers to altruistic love? • Question 11 In a business setting, a firm’s system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within the company and guides the behavior of its members is called its __________. • Question 12 Which step in the innovation process focuses on establishing an idea’s potential value and application? • Question 13 If rule changing and rule following are not properly balanced, there is a danger of reinforcing __________. • Question 14 The __________ is a firm that values diversity but systematically works to block the transfer of societal based subcultures into the fabric of the organization. • Question 15 Which step in the innovation process focuses on identifying an idea’s anticipated costs and benefits? • Question 16 __________ is the degree to which the authority to make decisions is delegated to lower levels in an organization’s hierarchy. • Question 17 Direct contact between organization members is a(n) __________ method of coordination. • Question 18 Assigning managers to various committees is a(n) __________ method of coordination. • Question 19 Max Weber argued that organizations would thrive if they became __________ by emphasizing legal authority, logic, and order. • Question 20 __________ creates a hierarchy of authority—an arrangement of work positions in order of increasing authority. • Question 21 Since few managers question a successful managerial script, managers often try to __________. • Question 22 __________ refers to the ability to change. • Question 23 As organizations age and grow beyond the simple structural design, managerial scripts become __________. • Question 24 __________ is the possession of a repertoire of roles and the ability to selectively apply them. • Question 25 __________ is both (a) a positioning of the firm in its environment to provide it with the capability to succeed and (b) a pattern in the stream of the firm’s decisions. Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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