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BUS/515 BUS515 BUS 515 week 7 Homework Problem 10


BUS 515 week 7 Homework Problem 10 MMS Associates is a telecommunications service provider. The company is currently redesigning its main office to accommodate six newly hired salespeople. Some of the salespeople are expected to work in teams, so office assignments are very important. The table below presents the from–to matrix showing the expected frequency of contacts between members of the new sales staff. Sales Person A B C D E F A — 6 12 18 1 1 B — 4 19 3 0 C — 5 0 0 D — 7 19 E — 0 F — This block plan shows the assigned office locations for the six sales members. Michael Marc, the President of MMS Associates, is considering an alternative plan: What is the ld score for this plan? How does it compare to the original plan considered? Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help .


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