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BUS/407 BUS407 BUS 407 Week 6 QUIZ


BUS 407 Week 6 QUIZ • Question 1 When the trainer believes a trainee has asked a question because the trainee really wants to answer but is hesitant, the trainer should respond using the______. • Question 2 Which training technique has its roots back in the Middle Ages? • Question 3 The most frequently used training method (especially in smaller businesses) is • Question 4 According to the text, business games have been developed and used for • Question 5 Which of the following learning processes identified in Social Learning Theory does the lecture, when done well, have the most impact on? • Question 6 Training methods can be divided into _____ and _____ approaches. • Question 7 Which of the retention processes does a well-done lecture have the most impact on? • Question 8 Listening to a lecture, attention begins to decline after _____ to _____ minutes and begins to _____ near the end. • Question 9 Which of the following is NOT an example of static media? • Question 10 A(n) _____question occurs when the trainer is asked a question and instead of providing an answer, she re asks the question of the group. • Question 11 A visual display of how to do something or how something works is called a • Question 12 Developing a good demonstration requires • Question 13 _____ questions require no specific response. • Question 14 Behavioral modeling is based on which theory? • Question 15 Which of the following is most appropriate for training interpersonal skills? • Question 16 Interactive Multimedia training can be used for • Question 17 The health and safety training programs offered as canned DVD training packages are • Question 18 One of the limitations of ET is that • Question 19 A “Learning Management System” for e-training • Question 20 Interactive Multimedia training has the advantage of being able to • Question 21 _____ refers to the program’s ability to allow trainees to respond to questions. • Question 22 Self-paced learning is when the trainees • Question 23 Which of the following statements regarding ET is true? • Question 24 In developing an ET program, which three factors need to be considered? • Question 25 For training with a strategic knowledge objective, ______. • Question 26 Simulator sickness refers to • Question 27 The user interface is the _____ that allows the trainee to interact with the Intelligent Tutoring System. • Question 28 Which of the following is NOT a delivery system for e-learning? • Question 29 In Virtual Reality training, which of the following devices is NOT used to provide sensory information? • Question 30 Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit for Electronic Training?


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