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BUS/407 BUS407 BUS 407 Week 3 QUIZ


BUS 407 Week 3 QUIZ • Question 1 Which of the following statements is true in an uncertain environment? • Question 2 A reason there might be conflict among HRD and OD professionals is that the OD practitioner • Question 3 Which of the following statements is true regarding change? • Question 4 __________ refers to the number of factors in an organization’s environment and how they are interrelated. • Question 5 Low uncertainty in the external environment is created by • Question 6 What is one reason companies should invest in strategic HR? • Question 7 Strategic planning is best defined as • Question 8 Which best explains the strategic training alternative of the internal provider? • Question 9 Organizational development is best defined as • Question 10 A mechanistic design is best applied in which of the following situations? • Question 11 A non-routine technology label is applied to tasks that have • Question 12 You would typically associate routine technology with which of the following? • Question 13 The defender strategy is also referred to as • Question 14 According to the text, the strategic planning process at Hewlett Packard Canada in the late 1980’s resulted in • Question 15 Which of the following is a market leader strategy?


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