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BUS/407 BUS407 BUS 407 Week 2 QUIZ


BUS 407 Week 2 QUIZ • Question 1 A person’s understanding about how and when to apply the facts that have been learned is called • Question 2 Which of the following statements is true? • Question 3 The authors’ use of attitudes rather than abilities as one of the three types of learning outcomes is based on • Question 4 According to the text, _____ provides the opportunity for learning and _____ is a result of the learning. • Question 5 Knowledge is composed of which three interrelated types? • Question 6 Which of the following statements is true? • Question 7 In the training model, a triggering event is • Question 8 What is the focus of the ISO standards? • Question 9 Which of these steps is part of the continuous improvement model? • Question 10 When comparing ISO certified companies with companies that were not certified, the text noted that ISO certified companies • Question 11 In the evaluation of training, a determination of whether the trainer actually covered all aspects of the training as designed is called • Question 12 Which of the following career paths best prepares a trainer for a supervisory or coordinator position? • Question 13 The authors use the acronym KSA to refer to what? • Question 14 All aspects of the training program come together in the • Question 15 Learning is defined as


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