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BUS/402 BUS402 BUS 402 Week 11 Final Exam


BUS 402 Week 11 Final Exam • Question 1 The ethical standards test of ethical behavior in businesses that prioritizes acting in such a way that the action taken under the circumstances could be a universal law or rule of behavior is called: • Question 2 A number of things can be done in order to integrate ethical principles into a company, such as: • Question 3 ________ are the various groups and individuals who affect and are affected by a business • Question 4 The ultimate decision on whether to abide by ethical principles in any given situation rests with: • Question 5 Over the past few decades, business leaders have, in general, become more proactive in terms of implementing the organizational characteristics of: • Question 6 A company “Code of Ethics” refers to: • Question 7 “Everybody does it.” is an example of: • Question 8 When it comes to monitoring electronic communication, especially e-mail: • Question 9 Ethical lapses caused by a chance to “get ahead” by taking some unethical action come about because of: • Question 10 ________ consists of the fundamental moral values and behavioral standards that form the foundation for the people of an organization as they make decisions and interact with stakeholders. • Question 11 When dealing with AIDS in the workplace, small business owners should: • Question 12 his term denotes the awareness of a company’s management of the social, environmental, political, human, and financial consequences that its actions produce. • Question 13 Once a manager recognizes the ethical dimensions involved in a dilemma or decision, his/her next step in establishing a workable ethical framework to guide him/her would be to: • Question 14 Managing diversity in the workforce means managers need to: • Question 15 The concept of social responsibility has evolved from that of a nebulous “do-gooder” to one of: • Question 16 ________ is a remedy for breached contracts that deal with unique items and is designed to make the injured party “whole again.” • Question 17 ________ is the most common type of bankruptcy, accounting for nearly 70% of all bankruptcies. • Question 18 ________ law governs the rights and the obligations between people and the parties they made promises to or agreements with. • Question 19 The Uniform Commercial Code: • Question 20 To have an agreement, a contract must have: • Question 21 Passed in 1976 to deal with the disposal of solid waste, the ________ specifies how landfills should be managed and hazardous waste disposed of. • Question 22 ________ was passed to strengthen the Clayton Act, specifically to address price discrimination because many businesses were circumventing the original rules. • Question 23 The ________ prohibits debt collectors from using intimidation to collect debts, calling on the debtor at inconvenient times, or contacting third parties about the debt. • Question 24 A ________ is any distinctive work, symbol, name, logo, etc., that a company uses to identify the origin of a product or to distinguish it from other products. • Question 25 If a contract for the sale of goods omits the place for delivery, the Code states that delivery will take place at: • Question 26 A ________ is a grant giving the inventor of a product the exclusive right to make, use, or sell it for a specific time. • Question 27 The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Protection Act of 1994 put in place the following restrictions on telemarketers: • Question 28 ________


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