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BUS/372 BUS372 BUS 372 Week 4 quiz


BUS 372 Week 4 quiz 1. Question : Which of the following is NOT one of the National Labor Relations Act’s subjects of bargaining categories? mandatory permissive illegal prohibited Question 2. : All of the following are illegal subjects of negotiation EXCEPT __________. hot cargo clauses price of meals to be furnished discrimination provisions closed shop agreements Question 3. : One of the reasons that mediation has become an important tool of alternative dispute resolution is because __________. all collective bargaining agreements mandate mediation it is the most successful of all the alternative dispute resolution processes it has become a part of the judicial process through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act mediators cut short court time by making a decision as to who is right and who is wrong Question 4. : If you wanted to find the copy of a collective bargaining agreement, the best website is __________. U.S. Census Bureau Office of Labor-Management Standards U.S. Department of Labor CorpWatch Question 5. : One of the downsides to NOT formulating a grievance procedure is __________. : the layer of regulations such a procedure might add the perception that the work environment is fair and evenhanded the cost of having a procedure written by an attorney the escalation of grievances among workers followed by expensive court cases


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