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BUS/372 BUS372 BUS 372 Week 3 Quiz


BUS 372 Week 3 Quiz 1. Question : With regard to strikes, __________. the collective bargaining agreement that is negotiated between the union and management can relinquish the right to strike employers are strictly forbidden from hiring other workers to replace strikers strikes can be carried out for any purpose that the employees choose strikes are still very useful in getting employers to accede to the demands of workers Question 2. : With regard to union security clauses, __________. they can only be implemented when the employer and the union agree that the place of business will be a union shop they apply only to a business in which all employees must join the union before they are hired only the state can determine if they will be allowed or enforced they are not allowed in most states Question 3. : All of the following are true with regard to an employee’s right to refrain from engaging in a union EXCEPT __________. Taft-Hartley explicitly outlaws compulsory union membership Taft-Hartley outlaws union security agreements 24 states have passed what are called right-to-work laws in a right-to-work state, employers are NOT allowed to have union shops or union security agreements Question 4. : With regard to executive orders, __________. they have the same force of law as federal legislation President Kennedy’s executive order gave all state and federal government workers the right to organize unions Executive Order 11491 established a legal system for labor–management relations President Taft wrote the first executive order for federal workers Question 5. : Which of the following is NOT true with regard to a secondary boycott? There must be an actual boycott. The boycott must be used as a means to threaten or coerce the secondary employer. The boycott must not be against the primary employer. All of the employees must agree to the terms of the boycott.


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