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BUS/372 BUS372 BUS 372 Week 1 Quiz


BUS 372 Week 1 Quiz 1. Question : Labor unions are formed by __________. workers in the public sector workers I the private sector workers in any sector workers in particularly limited sectors Question 2. Question : Which of the following is NOT a reason why management may have a negative view of unionization? Increased costs that result from legal services The need to establish grievance procedures Loss of flexibility that results from collecting bargaining agreements Imposed restraints that increase the ability to be flexible Question 3. : The first president of the American Federation of Labor was Samuel Gompers, who __________. : was from a prominent New York City family started work as a hat maker united the American Federation of Labor with the Congress of Industrial Organizations was able to unite disparate workers Question 4. : All of the following were true with regard to the case Commonwealth v. Pullis EXCEPT__________. owners of the company supported the workers in their claims of unfair treatment the State charged the workers with the crime of conspiracy the defendants were found guilty and ordered to pay fines and the cost of prosecution these fines subsequently bankrupted their union Question 5. : Which of the following is NOT concerted, protected activity? a worker talking to another worker in the workplace workers complaining to each other about their working conditions a worker complaining to his spouse about working conditions workers posting comments about work on the internet


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