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BUS/371 BUS371 BUS 371Chapter 2—The Evolution of Management Thinking PART 5


BUS/371 BUS371 BUS 371Chapter 2—The Evolution of Management Thinking PART 5 21. The bureaucratic organizations approach is a subfield within the ____. a. classical perspective b. systems theory c. scientific management d. learning organization e. management science view 22. According to Weber’s ideas on bureaucracy, organizations should be based on which of these? a. Personal loyalty b. Personal references c. Rational authority d. Family ties e. Charismatic authority 23. Archies’ Antiques, Inc., is characterized by separation of management from ownership and by clearly defined lines of authority and responsibility. These characteristics are consistent with the principles of a. scientific management. b. bureaucratic organizations. c. administrative management theory. d. human resource management. e. all of these. 24. All of the following are characteristics of Weberian bureaucracy EXCEPT: a. Labor is divided with clear definitions of authority and responsibility that are legitimized as official duties. b. Positions are organized in a hierarchy of authority, with each position under the authority of a higher one. c. All personnel are selected and promoted based on technical qualifications. d. Administrative acts and decisions are recorded in writing. e. Management is the same as the ownership of the organization. 25. Max Weber felt selection of employees should be based on: a. education b. competence c. connections d. political skills e. efficient systems 26. Positions organized in a hierarchy of authority is an important characteristic of a. scientific management. b. bureaucratic organizations. c. quantitative management. d. the human relations movement. e. total quality management. 27. UPS is successful in the small package delivery market. One important reason for this success is the concept of a. globalization. b. employee flexibility. c. loose standards. d. bureaucracy. e. non-bureaucratic organizational system. 28. Whereas scientific management focused on ______ , administrative principles approach focused on the _______. a. individual productivity, total organization b. organization productivity, individual effort c. efficient procedures, management by principle d. employee ability, employee loyalty e. employee competence, work flow through the organization 29. Mary Parker Follett contributed to which field? a. Humanistic approach b. Scientific management approach c. Total quality management approach d. Quantitative approach to management e. Systems approach to management 30. The assembly line is most consistent with which of the following general principles of management? a. Unity of command b. Division of work c. Authority d. Scalar chain e. Quality management 31. The principle that similar activities in an organization should be grouped together under one manager is the essence of the classical perspective known as a. unity of command. b. division of work. c. unity of direction. d. scalar chain. e. quality management. 32. The use of specialization to produce more and better work with the same level of effort is consistent with the administrative management principle of a. unity of command. b. unity of direction. c. scalar chain. d. division of work. e. none of these 33. The ____ refers to a chain of authority extending from top to the bottom of the organization and including every employee. a. unity of command b. division of labor c. unity of direction d. scalar chain e. None of these 34. Mary Parker Follett thought of leadership as ____, rather than techniques. a. systems b. top managers c. people d. efficiencies e. floor managers 35. Chester Bernard felt that ____ could help a poorly managed organization. a. bureaucracy b. line managers c. efficiencies d. informal relations e. top/down flow of information


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