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BUS 313 BUS313 BUS/313 Week 11 Quiz


BUS 313 BUS313 BUS/313 Week 11 Quiz • Question 1 Entrepreneurs who bring in investors must be committed to the business because: • Question 2 The first option in Dave Crenshaw’s exit strategy discussion is: • Question 3 It is a good idea to explore exit options at the beginning in order to: • Question 4 Dave Crenshaw stated that self-harvest is in line with: • Question 5 Liquidation usually occurs in: • Question 6 The acronym IPO is: • Question 7 An entrepreneur may exit a business by: • Question 8 An advantage of mergers and acquisitions is: • Question 9 With a dividend based strategy, ______ but not the business itself. • Question 10 According to Dave Crenshaw, a third type of exit strategy is: • Question 11 Which of the following is not a potential exit strategy for small business? • Question 12 Dave Crenshaw described exit strategy as: Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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