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BUS 313 BUS313 BUS/313 Week 10 Quiz


BUS 313 BUS313 BUS/313 Week 10 Quiz • Question 1 An entrepreneur who adopts bootstrapping techniques does not plan to: • Question 2 Bootstrapping includes taking: • Question 3 Entrepreneurs may use bootstrapping techniques to start their business and get the size they need to attract: • Question 4 Effective bootstrapping techniques helps to: • Question 5 The third pillar of bootstrapping focuses on: • Question 6 Bootstrapping is not about managing a business with no: • Question 7 The second pillar of bootstrapping is about: • Question 8 Entrepreneurs can acquire competencies they need through: • Question 9 The five pillars of bootstrapping include: • Question 10 Bootstrapping is not only about: • Question 11 A big part of starting a business is: • Question 12 According to Rudolph Rosenberg, there are ________ concrete things an entrepreneur should consider when bootstrapping a business. Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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