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BUS 302 Quiz 10


BUS 302 Quiz 10 Which of the following is an important characteristic of a quality product? Royal Mail (the United Kingdom’s equivalent of the USPS) needed to transform the image its customers had of the organization. A key part of the transformation was to permanently pass decision-making authority and responsibility to its workforce and allow them to develop and implement their ideas on how to improve performance and service to customers. According to one manager, “We understand now that people who work here care as much as managers do about the business.” The Royal Mail used ____ to improve service. Most companies define product ____ in terms of how easy or difficult it is to fix a product. The three principles that characterize TQM are continuous improvement, teamwork, and ____. ____ is a deviation in the form, condition, or appearance of a product from the quality standard for that product. In TQM terms, ____ is an organizational goal to provide products or deliver services that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Hattie Cao operates Peachy Keen and sells her products through catalog orders. The small company has three employees. It produces and sells seven kinds of peach pies, three kinds of peach cake, two kinds of peach cookies, and a peach salsa. She normally keeps 250 jars of salsa in stock, but she noticed today that she has more than 500 bottles in her inventory. Cao decided to reduce her inventory by lowering her price. Her plan to get rid of excessive inventory was so successful that she found herself completely sold out in just a couple of days. In other words, Cao experienced ____. Xerox is a firm believer in total quality management (TQM). Anne Mulcahy, the president of Xerox, was quoted as saying, “TQM may help employees figure out how to solve a specific problem. But the really big payoff comes when they share that solution with others.” In her statement, Mulcahy was promoting which characteristic of TQM? ISO 14000 ____. The three basic measures of inventory are inventory turnover, average aggregate inventory, and ____. Studies clearly show that customers care more about ____ than anything else when buying services. Which of the following is NOT a criterion on which companies are judged when applying for the Baldrige National Quality Award? Downtime and lost efficiency are both examples of ____. Massey Ferguson, a division of AGCO Corp., has introduced two new front cut mowers designed to provide a high level of serviceability. “The new mowers are targeted toward golf course, municipality and commercial cutting operations and have been designed with easy operation and safety in mind,” the company said. This means the mowers ____. An article addressed to nurses who work in intensive care said, “Patients may feel isolated or ostracized from those around them, including medical staff, because of their condition or appearance. Practices affirming the patient’s intrinsic value and individual personality will be critical to establishing trust and rapport.” One method to affirm the patient’s intrinsic value is to provide ____.


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