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BUS 302 QUIZ 1


BUS 302 QUIZ 1 A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed. The marketing manager of Interstate Bakeries was asked to meet with the organization’s research and development department to explain why the company needed to change its 25-year-old package design for Twinkies. The marketing manager took on an interpersonal role as: ____ is defined as getting work done through others. After their first year of managerial experience, managers tend to: First-line managers will most likely have to: Nestlé was unsuccessful in early attempts to sell its chocolate in India. It discovered its chocolate bars were not suitable for the Indian markets because the candy had to sit in direct sunlight without benefit of air conditioning and became messy. Nestlé adopted an innovation strategy and developed Chocostick, a liquid chocolate, which is very popular. Solving this problem involved what management function? A business school administrator who is determining what classes will be offered in which rooms and who will teach each specific class is involved in which classical management function? Managers who train and supervise the performance of nonmanagerial employees and who are directly responsible for producing the company’s products or services are categorized as: A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is determining organizational goals and the means for achieving them. ____ are responsible for creating a positive organizational culture through language and action. The informational role managers’ play when they share information they have collected with their subordinates and others in the company is called the ____ role. Eastman Kodak owns a company that manufactures dental radiation equipment. The company, which is run as an independent unit, has experienced excessive financial losses the last three years. The ____ for the company would be expected to develop the long-term plans needed to make the company profitable. According to a speech to a forum for retail leaders made by Dr. Hans-Joachim Koerber, “Sustained growth is essential. Sustaining growth is a challenge for virtually every company.” Koerber is the CEO of Metro Group, Germany’s largest retailer, which has more than 2,400 stores in 30 countries. What informational role did Koerber assume? In Great Britain, Nestlé introduced a candy bar called Yorkie with the slogan “It’s not for girls!” The resulting furor over this sexist campaign required its British managers to spend a great deal of time in the role of: Hormel Foods had to recall 104,000 pounds of Stagg canned chili—labeled “hearty beef with a kick of green chilies”—after the kick turned out to come from the ground-up parts of a plastic handheld calculator. The recall was the application of which management function?


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