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BUS 235 BUS235 BUS235 Week 3 Retail Stores


BUS 235 BUS235 BUS235 Week 3 Retail Stores Retail Stores. Visit any retail establishment of your choice in order to gain specific knowledge about the marketing activities of the operation. Provide a two- to three-page paper (not including the title or reference pages) analyzing the marketing activities of your selected retail business. The analysis should include a minimum of four of the following areas: Type of outlet (convenience, shopping specialty, etc.) Location – Describe reason for specific location. Customer profile – Who shops there? Target market segments? Unique competitive positioning – What separates them from competition? Categories of products (types, quality, brand, non-brand, and assortment) High, medium, low prices (e.g., high quality-high price) Can products be easily competitively shopped at other retail stores? How well is the store laid out – displays, etc.? Are promotions consistent with image? Are special sales obvious? Sales approach – aggressive, laid back, or in-between? Is information available to help you? Do they hide prices?


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