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BUS 100 Week 9 Quiz 9


BUS 100 Week 9 Quiz 9 A(n) _____ is the network of organizations and activities needed to obtain materials and other resources, produce final products, and get these products to their final users. _____ is a technology that stores information, such as a unique serial number, on a microchip and transmits it to a reader that’s within range. _____ is the result of creative efforts such as books, musical works, inventions, and computer software. The Business Software Alliance estimated that the piracy rate in China was about _____ are files of related records organized according to logical systems and stored on computer-accessible media. _____ are Internet-based companies specializing in securing the electronic transfer of funds. _____ refers to unsolicited commercial emails, usually sent to a large number of people with little regard to the users’ interest in the product or its promotion. Among larger nations, the piracy rate in _____ is one of the highest in the world. _____ are specialized Internet sites where B2B buyers and sellers exchange products and services. _____ installs itself on a computer without the user’s knowledge or permission for the purpose of tracking the user’s behavior. The degree of _____ relates directly to the source of power and control within an organization. There are three basic levels of management: _____ planning focuses on establishing an organization’s long-term objectives, determining broad action steps, and allocating resources. _____ planning normally is performed by middle managers and typically has a one-year time frame. _____ is the management function that monitors the performance of the firm and makes improvements when necessary. _____ is the achievement of the goals of an organization through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources. A _____ organization creates flexibility as it brings together specialists from different areas of the company to work temporarily on individual projects. Psychologist Douglas McGregor theorized that management attitudes toward workers fall into two opposing categories, which he labeled: _____ are action plans that help the organization achieve its goals by forging the best fit between the firm and the environment. A(n) _____ is the visual representation of the company’s formal structure.


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