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BUS 100 Week 8 quiz 8


BUS 100 Week 8 quiz 8 The _____ is a broad stock index that includes many of the largest and best-known United States corporations. The _____ dealt mainly with the regulation of secondary securities markets and created the _____. For the past several decades, the _____ and _____ were the two largest securities exchanges in the United States. Before going public, a firm must file a registration statement with the A stock _____ is a short combination of letters used to identify the stock of a particular company. In the _____, corporations raise additional financial capital by issuing and selling new securities, while in the _____, investors trade previously issued securities. _____ are the after-tax distribution of profits to corporate owners. On financial websites you can find The exact date when the issuing firm must repay the principal to a bondholder is known as the bond’s _____ date. Investors who use analytical techniques to try to predict when prices of particular stocks are likely to rise and fall, are relying on


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