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BUS 100 Week 7 quiz 6


BUS 100 Week 7 quiz 6 In operations management, _____ refers to completing a task or producing a product at the lowest cost. _____ software enables users to test, analyze, and optimize designs. These programs allow users to find and correct design flaws before production. _____ production emphasizes production of goods to meet actual current demand, therefore minimizing the need to hold inventories of finished goods and work-in-process. _____ software provides powerful drawing and drafting tools that enable users to create and edit blueprints and design drawings quickly and easily. These programs allow users to create three-dimensional drawings. _____ software takes the electronic design for a product and creates the programmed instructions that robots must follow to produce a product as efficiently as possible. _____ is the set of strategies and practices to eliminate waste. In project scheduling terminology, _____ are activities that must be completed before other activities can begin. _____ can be produced independently of the consumer and then stored and shipped. Most manufacturing firms are concerned about the availability of reliable electricity and water supplies when making location decisions. These considerations deal with the: Background music, lighting and the use of scents are all factors of ____________ in servicescape designs.


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