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BUS 100 quiz 9


BUS 100 quiz 9 _____ refers to the physical components used to collect, store, organize, and process data and to distribute information _____ is a technology that stores information, such as a unique serial number, on a microchip and transmits it to a reader that’s within range. The Business Software Alliance estimated that the piracy rate in China was about _____ involves storing data and running applications outside the company’s firewall. Documents stored on the World Wide Web are written and linked together using By offering limited access of their intranets to select groups of people, firms create _____ are files of related records organized according to logical systems and stored on computer-accessible media. _____ are specialized Internet sites where B2B buyers and sellers exchange products and services. _____ installs itself on a computer without the user’s knowledge or permission for the purpose of tracking the user’s behavior. _____ are skilled computer users who try to gain unauthorized access to other people’s computers. _____ means breaking workers into logical groups. _____ planning normally is performed by middle managers and typically has a one-year time frame. _____, attributed to Victor Vroom, is based on the key concept that workers will be motivated if they believe that their effort will lead to good performance, and good performance will lead to a meaningful reward. _____ are action plans that help the organization achieve its goals by forging the best fit between the firm and the environment. _____ assumes that challenging, creative work will motivate employees to do their best. A _____organization typically has a clear, simple chain of command from top to bottom. A(n) _____ is the visual representation of the company’s formal structure. First-line managers focus on _____ planning, applying plans to daily, weekly, and monthly operations. _____ managers believe that employee intellectual capacity is underutilized and that employees can be motivated with a variety of rewards. _____ is the management function that monitors the performance of the firm and makes improvements when necessary.


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