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BUS 100 Quiz 3 (1)


BUS 100 Quiz 3 (1) In customer relationship management, firms selling big-ticket items with small customer bases often find it advantageous to develop _____ is the customer’s perception that a product has a strong, positive relationship between its cost and benefits. _____ is the process of continually collecting information from the external marketing environment. The two main approaches used in primary marketing research are _____ holds that delivering unmatched value to customers is the only way to achieve long-term profitability for the organization. The relevant concept of value in marketing is based on _____ Demographic segmentation divides the market by _____ is the process of acquiring, maintaining, and growing profitable customer relationships by delivering unmatched value. Creating products tailored for individuals on a mass basis is referred to as Which of the following sets of terms describe approaches used by B2C marketers to segment their markets? Researchers have identified five product characteristics that affect the rate of adoption and diffusion. Which of the following is NOT one of these five characteristics? To create a coordinated marketing message, marketers must have information about the consumer, the A firm’s _____ is a brief statement articulating how the marketer wants the target market to envision his or her product relative to the competition. Companies use _____ to coordinate their messages through every promotional vehicle. _____ integrates advertising of branded products into interactive games. The _____ is a theoretical model that includes the stages of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. _____ offer consumers immediate price reductions. A product in the _____ stage is experiencing periods of rising sales and profits. The stages of the new product development process are When marketers characterize quality, they are concerned with two dimensions. The dimension that refers to how well the product performs its core function is _____, while the dimension that refers to how well the product repeatedly performs is _____.


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