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BUS 100 Quiz 1


BUS 100 Quiz 1 Nonprofit organizations are not in the business of A business’s core goal is to generate long term profits while delivering _____ to its customers. As a factor of production, capital would include Doing business today without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs is referred to as The stock market, housing foreclosures, and unemployment rates are all part of an organizations’s ____ environment. The marketing era introduced In 1995, a renegotiation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) took bold steps to lower tariffs and to reduce trade restrictions. A tariff is a In order to compete effectively, many companies have taken proactive steps to hire and nurture people from a broad range of backgrounds. This is an example of which business environment? The evolution of business included the It was during this era that many businesses began to dominate their markets, forcing out competitors, manipulating prices, and exploiting workers, which lead the government to pass laws regulating business. To be successful entrepreneurs must be comfortable risking their money and _____ to start and manage a business.


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