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BUS 100 Quiz 1 (3)


BUS 100 Quiz 1 (3) As competition has become truly global, free trade has resulted in ____ prices and ____ quality across virtually every product category. Human resources include the Entrepreneurs need economic freedom to thrive. Those freedoms include ____ refers to differences in gender, age, religion, and nationality that affect the workforce. Successful firms of today would To be successful, entrepreneurs must be comfortable risking their money and _____ to start and manage a business. The relationship era introduced the idea The S&P 500 attributes an increase in the annual rate of return for firms in 2009 to _____ refers to the quality and quantity of products and goods available to a population at a given time. Nonprofit organizations are not in the business of A corporation must register as a _____ in every state in which it operates other than its state of incorporation. A _____ is a voluntary agreement between two or more people to jointly own a business. A(n) _____ occurs when two companies agree to combine operations to form a new company. The majority of businesses today are formed as A key advantage of a corporation is that From the standpoint of an owner, a major advantage of the sole proprietorship is the: Not all corporations are large. In recent years, about 24 percent of corporations have reported less than _____ in total sales revenue. In the United States, _____ are the dominant form of business ownership in terms of net income. A(n) _____ merger is the combination of two or more firms at different stages of production of a given product or service, so the firms have a buyer-seller relationship. A _____ maintains limited liability but offers more flexibility in terms of tax treatment than other forms of business ownership.


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