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BUS 100 BUS/100 BUS100 Quiz 9 Chapter 14


BUS 100 BUS/100 BUS100 Quiz 9 Chapter 14 There are three basic levels of management 2. A _____ organization creates flexibility as it brings together specialists from different areas of the company to work temporarily on individual projects. 3. SWOT is the acronym for: 4. A _____organization typically has a clear, simple chain of command from top to bottom 5. _____ involves determining a structure for both individual jobs and the overall organization. 6. A(n) _____ is the visual representation of the company’s formal structure 7. While _____ leaders make final decisions, they share power with their followers, encouraging the free exchange of ideas 8. _____ planning normally is performed by middle managers and typically has a one-year time frame. 9. _____ means directing, inspiring, and motivating individuals to achieve organizational goals 10. _____ proposes that perceptions of fairness directly impact worker motivation


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