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BUS 100 BUS/100 BUS100 Quiz 11 Chapter 17


BUS 100 BUS/100 BUS100 Quiz 11 Chapter 17 _____ is buying products from overseas markets that are manufactured overseas 2. International trade provides businesses with access to new customers through 3. When the total value of exports is higher than the total value of imports, a country experiences a 4. When a country lacks hard currency, it must use _____ to complete international trade. 5. Imports and exports enhance international trade, while creating growing opportunities for nations. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of global trade? 6. If trade restrictions among nations were eliminated, economists predict 7. Product defects have forced the U.S. to recall a host of toy products from China. The popular Polly Pocket dolls were recalled because they posed what problem? 8. Trading blocs are groups of countries 9. _______ has experienced a rapid increase in the use of credit cards for purchases 10 To capitalize on the rapid growth and increase demand in India, _______ introduced a mobile phone that can be charged with solar power.


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