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Buisness Plan Discussion



Buisness Plan Discussion Critique the business plans from the company that you selected from Entrepreneur Magazine’s website: • From the perspective of potential providers of capital, what are the major financial risks for the company? • Have they been identified and addressed in the plan? Kindly post a concise 2-3 paragraph summary of the points above. The risk and return on the investment always move together. Every investor wants high return on low investment with less risk. The Tricky Widgets Manufacturing Company has good investment plan but company has high equity debt ratio. So there is operating as well as financial risk for the shareholders. If the company will not with growth aspect, the fixed charges become burden for the company that is why there is operating and financial risk. It is also evident from SWOT analysis that company will have to face intense completion in the market. It is also a risk factor for the investors because company is new in the market and entry and exit is not easy for the company. In a good business plan, the risk aspect of business should be included. It is sign of proper and sound business planning. In the business plan of the Tricky Widgets, the risk is not clearly described but the break even analysis and ratio analysis are given. Theses analysis are good but investor can not proper decisions on the behalf of this think. In this business plan, company should include decision making tree. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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