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BU 224 UNIT 8 DISCUSSION I do not think this would be my dream job. For the sake of this discussion I am going to start a Lawn Care and Irrigation Business. The cost that I would incur would include but not be limited to the following: • Equipment • Professional and Licensing Costs • Marketing • Administration • Miscellaneous Cost • Transportation There is a lot of competition from franchises all the way down to the teen with a summer job. This is where my marketing strategy and overall services will come into play. By offering a lawn care service including irrigation I am presenting an opportunity to meet all of your lawn care needs. I could establish pricing and guarantees, as well as delivering my services in a different way, by possibly taking the “Green” initiative, using organic fertilizers and things of that nature (“Lawn Mowing Business – How to Start a Lawn Care Business,” 2015). I think it would be fairly difficult to come up with a price that would be profitable and willing to be paid by the clients. The main factors I would consider would be the size of the project, how long it will take to complete it and the material costs if irrigation services are requested. I would offer free estimates as a part of my marketing strategy. Most people like the word free! For my respective business there would not be a physical product. However, I would try to schedule as many jobs as possible within my ability, while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. My goal would be to get the people talking. Referrals are quite possibly the best form of advertising (and it’s free). Respectfully, Jacob Garland Reference: Lawn Mowing Business – How to Start a Lawn Care Business. (2015). Retrieved from http://www.startalawnmowingbusiness.com/index.html


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