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BSS/483 BSS483 BSS 483 WEEK 5 Security Leadership Plan


BSS 483 WEEK 5 Security Leadership Plan Security Leadership Plan Apply instructor feedback from the Security Leadership Plan Outline and the Security Leadership Plan Annotated Bibliography to your final project. Select a private or public organization that provides homeland security services. Imagine that you have just joined that organization’s senior leadership team. Your first task is to create a report about your organization and its future goals and plans. Write a 2,100- to 2,450-word report that includesthe following: • Develop goals, objectives, and performance measures that your organization will use for its global security strategies. • Briefly describe your OPSEC plan that focuses on how you would oversee and conduct operations planning, briefings, and debriefings in the event of a terrorist attack. Describe the director’s role in the OPSEC plan and how the director will accomplish the tasks. • List indicators that you will use to judge the success of your operations and measure your success or failure. Explain how the indicators will help you assess the effectiveness of your security measures in areas of conflict. Format your report consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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