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BSOP/429 BSOP429 BSOP 429 Week 3 Discussion 2


BSOP 429 Week 3 Discussion 2 What should the first step be in our Week 3 Lab Assignment? Why? What would the next step be? the very first statement of the lab states that Maruchek’s orders average 100 pieces per order. What does that mean for your lab? In what specific ways can Maruchek use the 5 step process for dealing with the constraints in his business? what specific suggestions would you recommend to Maruchek on improving his business? Are there any other specific things that you can recommend to Maruchek based on your suggestion of “figuring out how to manage the process times and constraint?” if an average order is 100 pieces, then how will a smaller batch size reduce bottlenecks? Wouldn’t smaller batch size mean some customer would be waiting longer, i.e., longer lead time? Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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