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BSHS 402 Week 3 DQ 2


BSHS 402 Week 3 DQ 2 Apple is an 18 year old woman who comes to you seeking help as she has just found out she is pregnant. She is attending her senior year of high school, but tells you she thinks she should drop out so she can get a job and support her unborn child. She states that she is “pretty sure” she that her current boyfriend is the dad, but that she did sleep with “some guy named Fred” at a party. She tells you that she has not told either the father or her parents of her pregnancy status, and she is very afraid to. Her parents are both receiving unemployment payments at this time. She also states that she was “totally drunk” at the party, but that she has not drank at all since. Using the above case study provided by your instructor as an example, address one of the following two questions: · Describe the process of setting goals. · Describe formal and informal support systems and how you might use them for your case study.


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