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BSHS 401 Week 4 DQ 1


BSHS 401 Week 4 DQ 1 Write a goal statement for one of the client situations below. The information is limited, so use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Make sure that each statement has the following criteria: Specific, clear, easily repeated Conductive to general improvement in the client’s life Realistic Situation #1: The client, Sue, has been depressed for over a year since her divorce. She has limited social interaction with family and friends, and has stopped playing tennis, which she used to enjoy. Sue came for help to alleviate her depression and to regain her enthusiasm for these activities again. Situation #2: Mike came to see his case manager due to problems managing his anger. He loses his temper with his wife, often yelling at her during disagreements over minor issues. His wife is considering separation. Mike wants to learn anger management and conflict resolution skills. Situation #3: Jack is doing poorly in school, and his grades have dropped to “D’s”. He has difficulty paying attention for long periods and often gets out of his chair at inappropriate times. Jack and his parents want him to behave appropriately in class and get at least “B” grades in school.


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