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BSCOM 260 Week 2 Intercultural Considerations in Technical Communication


Respond to the following scenario: You are working in a corporation with a team whose members are located in various locations: China, the United States, and India. Write a 350- to 700-word e-mail to your team that discusses one or two tools the team could use to communicate such as those discussed on p. 87 (Ch. 5) of Technical Communication. Write the memo with professional style and tone and consider your audience which includes international coworkers. Write a brief 200- to 350-word summary after completing your e-mail that describes why intercultural communication competence in the workplace is important. Describe how you approached the tone, style, language, and subject of your e-mail based on the guidelines on p. 101 (Ch. 5) of Technical Communication. Submit your e-mail and summary to your instructor.



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