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BSCOM 240 Week 3 Dealing With Informal Sources


Review “The People Formerly Known as the Audience” in the Electronic Reserve Readings. Locate two recent news stories about your project topic. Pay attention to the comments section and to the share function (to share on social media sites). Consider how the audience receives and creates information and how social media affects the way people receive information. Write a 350- to 700-word blog in which you briefly discuss the effects the online audience can have on a story’s content, credibility, and trending, particularly as it relates to your topic. Address the following questions: How might this affect the way you write your story? How is quoting informal information from an interview different from quoting information from online comments? Why is it important to be accurate and attribute sources? Note to student. You may set up a blog on PhoenixConnect by clicking on your student profile and navigating to the Content tab. Once there, click on Write a blog post under the Actions column on the right-hand part of your screen. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.



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